Friday, September 10, 2004

Study: Bush Judges Most Conservative on Rights

As a member of the Anyone But Bush campaign, this article was of poignant significance to me. This article here: click your mouse here.

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Jeffrey Hill said...

I read the article and couldn't figure out what kind of criteria was used to determine what was conservative and what was liberal. The article mentioned a few topices: abortion, gay rights, freedom of speech, right to privacy, race relations. That clarifies nothing. Abortion is legal. Freedom of speech is legal. Etc.

My interpretation is thus: a conservative judge takes a strict interpretation of the constitution. A liberal judge takes a loose interpretation of the constitution. Do you want judges to legislate from the bench, or would you rather that the people use their representatives towards that end?

Bush believes that judges should not legislate from the bench. That's the job of elected legislators.

What say you?