Tuesday, March 22, 2005

anti-war rally in chicago 2005

here's twenty of the better photos i shot at the anti-war rally that took place last saturday here in chicago--the second anniversary of the invasion of iraq. you can download the flyer for the rally from the chicago coalition against war and racism webpage here. i was excited to see something i would usually only on see on television. so i get there just as the march was arriving at federal plaza. behind them followed hundreds of chicago police in riot gear, an armada of paddy wagons, police with video cameras rolling, police on horses, certain riot police with wooden bats, police on mountain bikes, and a large group from the sheriff's department in their brown outfits.

judging from the signs the rally seemed like a clearinghouse of protests: a lot of anti-bush stuff of course, opposition to zionist rule, demands to end the occupation of palestine, a lot of socialist and worker's rights organizations, get out of iraq, get out of afghanistan, no u.s. involvement in haiti, no chicago police brutality.

among the variety of speakers was lila lipscomb, the mom who lost a son in iraq and was featured in fahrenheit 9/11. she gave a pretty moving speech. she's in one of the pictures talking to a reporter.

i enjoyed seeing the baby boomer protesters. i could tell it was like the old days for some of them. and then you had young thrift-store-clothes-wearing food-not-bombs kids with bandanas hiding their identity and goggles on their heads in case things got rough. revolution!

i loved the clear channel salesmen commodifying free speech. they never got out of character.

overall, things were positive and energizing. a lot of media. across the street about ten individuals wearing protestwarrior.com shirts would occasionally shout "loser!" as the rally faded out.

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