Friday, March 18, 2005

even more on spreading democracy as foreign policy

i'm all for a foreign policy that promotes democracy. but i think we should be very careful when using bombs to promote democracy--or to help find phantom WMDs. from this Joseph Sobran article:

"Countless Iraqis, tens of thousands at least, have been killed by American forces. The dead posed no threat to us at all. If the war was wrong in the first place, it isn't made just by the fact that surviving Iraqis are voting. Assuming that democracy is a big improvement on dictatorship, it remains true that the end doesn't justify the means. If mass murder results in free elections, it's still mass murder."

foreign policy aside, from this new york times opinion:

"The atrocities that occurred in prisons like Abu Ghraib were the product of decisions that began at the very top, when the Bush administration decided that Sept. 11 had wiped out its responsibility to abide by the rules, including the Geneva Conventions and the American Constitution."

and what about jose padilla? imprisoned for over two years without being charged with a single crime? i want a leader to a) be outraged that this can happen in america and b) protect us against terrorism.

and from Arianna Huffington:

"The most dangerous aspect of the president's newfound dedication to freedom is that it completely ignores the fact that his aggressive push to liberate the people of Iraq has made us much less safe here at home. And this, more than anything else, is the highest priority of any government. Yet our ports, railways and borders remain porous. Our first responders remain underfunded. Our troops are stretched way too thin."

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