Monday, September 19, 2005

Message: I Care About the Black Folks

this is one of the best ones i've read. i like the last paragraph:

"What comes next? Having turned the page on Mr. Bush, the country hungers for a vision that is something other than either liberal boilerplate or Rovian stagecraft. At this point, merely plain old competence, integrity and heart might do."

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Jeffrey Hill said...

Balderdash! “Hurricane Katrina…has unmasked George W. Bush.”??? Does that mean that before the storm, Rich thought Bush was the wizard? That’s doubtful, when you consider Rich has been peddling his Vietnam comparisons for years. ‘This will undo the president, that will undo the president’ – meanwhile, the administration, consistently rising above the fray. Rich was apparently misled by the very media coverage the he praises, since he seems to be under the impression that everything was Bush’s fault, that FEMA did nothing right, that the government must be hiding piles of bodies, that Bush is shirking the responsibility, and that he’s (everybody join in) incompetent. The President shouldered (most often wrongly) most of the criticism and helped cover the butts of a lot of folks – keeping the aim as best he could on the recovery and not on pointing fingers, which seemed to be the obsession of everyone else – whether it was the NY Times columnists, the minority leaders in Congress, the Big Easy’s mayor or all the other usual suspects.

“Having turned the page on Mr. Bush….” wishful thinking, Rich, wishful thinking. I crack up every time I read this type of sentiment, which has appeared in several columns. Over a year ago I was hoping and praying that the left would hold their belief that Bush was stupid and ineffectual at least until his reelection. That they currently think the Bush era is already over is beyond anything I could hope for in my wildest dreams.