Wednesday, February 07, 2007


I was once impressed by a story I heard about Blind Willie McTell, who was walking home late one night on some dark country road in Georgia and shot a dog that tried to attack him. What impressed me was that he was 1)blind 2)carrying a gun and 3)managed to kill the dog. Well, after watching the blind swordsman Zatoichi go to work slicing up dozens of men at time throughout the better part of 17 features, I’m not so easily impressed.
There are times when a keen sense of smell and a well tuned ear come in more handy than sight. There are fifteen assassins in this picture:But don’t worry: Zatoichi has the matter well in hand...Notice he killed them so quickly that they are all still standing.....By the time they fall down, Zatoichi has already gone on to other things.You may be asking yourself whether you are ready to confront Zatoichi and his 17 features. If you decided to do so, please note that there will be some laughter, some boredom, some suspense and a little eye-rolling here and there.


Charlie Parsley said...

well, then, it sounds like Zatoichi's 17 features contain the elements of true life, boredom and eye-rolling moments included.

Jeffrey, in a past life you must have been a samurai. The spirit is with you still and guides your interests.

Anonymous said...

There were 26 feature films made from 1962 to 1989 with Shintaro Katsuqui.