Friday, July 04, 2008

Japan: Kamakura, Fuji, Hakone, Izu areas

Kamakura was the capital in the latter 12th century and during the Hojo Regents until the 14th century. I can't imagine another town having a higher number of shrines and temples per capita than Kamakura. Given its proximity to Yokosuka and Atsugi, it receives a lot of American visitors. Not least of the sites, of course, is the famous bronze Daibutsu. First a wooden statue in 1238, the bronze statue replaced it in 1252. Back then it was enshrined in a majestic hall, which has since been destroyed.
The coast around Kamakura - on the way to Atsugi

The center of Kamakura: Hachiman Gu Shrine

The Dancing Hall of Hachiman

Casks of sake at Hachiman

Archery Cermony at Hachiman

View of Fuji-yama from an A-6

Mountains around Fuji

A large torii

A spot for prayer

Another torii

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Anonymous said...

Loved your Nagai photos! My husband and Iived in the Navy housing at Nagai in 1973-74. I taught the pre-school there for a short time. Is the housing still there? I've tried to find it on Google Earth, but no luck. Do you have a location for the area?

Jeffrey Hill said...

I'm glad you enjoyed the photos, anonymous. Unfortunately, I don't really have additional information regarding Nagai. I visited Japan last spring and went to Yokosuka, but didn't bother with Nagai since I wasn't sure what to visit or how to find the place my family lived.

I missed your pre-school class by two years!

Anonymous said...

The housing area is no longer there. The land was returned to the Japanese. As far as I can tell by Google Earth Photos, the buildings are no longer there. My wife and I lived there 1974-75. She enjoyed the swiming pool and the movies on the folding chairs. The housing area at Negishi Heights in Yokohama is still there.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the shots of Nagai, I lived at 205 Nagai Heights from 1960 to 1964. It was called Admiralty Heights when we got there then changed later.I went to YO-HI my last 2 years in Yokohama and went by bus.Best time of my life as a kid for sure. I married a Brat from Johnson High School 40 years ago still married and we love Japan and our memories. Lon Reed Vallejo, Ca.

Angie Knight said...

I remember attending the preschool there!! Lived in Nagai Heights from 73-77.