Friday, July 04, 2008

On the Deck and In the Air, 1974 through 1977

The Midway at port in Subic Bay. The ship in the forground is unidentified

Aircraft at Cubi Point

VA-115 Intruders (Midway in background)

Preparing to taxi while a C-5 Galaxy is landing

Over the flooded landscape of the Philippines

Air-to-air refueling

Fleet Angels. One of these choppers was usually hovering over the starboard side of the ship while other aircraft were landing - waiting in case someone went in the drink. The protrusion on the right side of the shot was some sort of microwave device.

Marine choppers catching a ride on the ship
An American submarine during a cat and mouse exercise
The sub fires a flare indicating it has located and sunk the Midway
The conning tower emerges

Various flight deck shots
E-2 Hawkeyes with huffers lined up in front. The huffers were used to start the engines on the jets.
The Meatball - the lighting gizmo that guides the pilot onto the deck

The A-6 cockpit - a close-up view: on the BN (bombardier/navigator) side
On the pilot's side
The digital horizontal display (ADI) allowed the A-6 to fly low level in bad weather or at night

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The ship moored next to the Midway is the USS Deliver.