Friday, July 04, 2008

Port of Call: Pusan

These slides of Pusan in April-May of 1976 were not labeled and have faded quite a bit. My mom noted that there wasn't much color to the city at that time, so maybe the faded blue look serves a purpose. Pusan is not that way today. I believe the first shot is of Pusan Harbor. Unfortunately, I was not able to identify much else.
Pusan Tower

Pusan International Airport

The USS Midway
The Tip of the Sword: A Brief History of the USS Midway
Gator Control: The VA-115
Aircraft of the USS Midway

On the Deck and In the Air, 1974-77
Pollywog to Shellback: Crossing the Line, 1975

Japan: A Forward-based Homefront
Home: Yokosuka and Nagai
Japan: Kamakura, Fuji and Izu areas
Ports of Call
Subic Bay
Hong Kong

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