Friday, July 04, 2008

Japan: A Forward Based Homefront

A Bicentennial Parade - Japanese style (put on by American and Japanese organizations in Yokosuka). It is great to celebrate a birthday with a good friend.
The Kanagawa flag corps

JDF marching band

Thanks for your service, young man

Japanese fuzz

Places for the kids

The junk parks - an ideal spot for kids to climb around on stuff
Japan is a perfect place to be a kid. Great parks, great candy, great toys, friendly people...great everything. This bicycle park was next to the junk park.
A fishing park in Misawa at the northern end of Honshu
American goodwill in action - the military families provide Christmas for some Japanese orphans at the Pearl S. Buck orphanage (Santa is Gunner Mike Menthe and the guy in the back with the glasses and cookie duster is Mad Dog Madson):
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The USS Midway
The Tip of the Sword: A Brief History of the USS Midway
Gator Control: The VA-115
Aircraft of the USS Midway

On the Deck and In the Air, 1974-77
Pollywog to Shellback: Crossing the Line, 1975

Japan: A Forward-based Homefront
Home: Yokosuka and Nagai
Japan: Kamakura, Fuji and Izu areas
Ports of Call
Subic Bay
Hong Kong

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