Friday, July 04, 2008

Port of Call: Singapore

Singapura - the Lion City - courage, resilience, might....excellence. The statue of the Merlion is a symbol of the city state - located at Merlion Park. The island was previously referred to as Temasek.
A snake charmer
Today Singapore is known as the cleanest city in the world - looking at this street scene it is apparent that it was not very dirty back in the 70s either.The Singapore River - about the only junk you'll find is of the floating variety. The housing lining river has been largely replaced a mega shopping complex and the river boats have been eliminated.Below: the Fullerton bridge at the mouth of the Singapore River - the building in the background is the Victoria Concert Hall, where the bronze statue of Sir Thomas Stamford Bingley Raffles is located.
The Bank of China

Doorman in front of the Mandarin Hotel
Tiger Balm Gardens - similar to the garden in Hong Kong, but more spread out.
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The USS Midway
The Tip of the Sword: A Brief History of the USS Midway
Gator Control: The VA-115
Aircraft of the USS Midway

On the Deck and In the Air, 1974-77
Pollywog to Shellback: Crossing the Line, 1975

Japan: A Forward-based Homefront
Home: Yokosuka and Nagai
Japan: Kamakura, Fuji and Izu areas
Ports of Call
Subic Bay
Hong Kong

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