Friday, August 27, 2004

Krauthammer thinks that unhinged dems are a result of a "pressure cooker theory."

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Dude said...

If Democrats "feel a mixture of horror and contempt for the huddled masses", does that include union workers and teachers? It's all part of the Republican strategy, often successful, of painting Democrats as elitist bastards so that poor and middle-class people feel alright voting for a party dedicated to the "haves and have mores".

And it wasn't the parting of the clouds that freed up the Democrats to actually start acting like an opposition party. It was Howard Dean's reading of the rank and file Democrats, who were pissed off that the party leadership caved in midterms, and lost seats because of it. Dean figured that out, and the WMD, Abu Gahrib, and other bad news just fed that fire.