Tuesday, November 16, 2004

Shooting an unarmed man

This soldier's mistake was in not remembering he was on camera. While I wouldn't advocate shooting wounded, unarmed people, I'm not going to second-guess a solidier who has already been shot while fighting a war against insurgents. While politically embarassing for the U.S., and certainly confirming Arabs' most negative impressions of us, this guy erred on what was the side of caution, given the situation he was in. Erring in the other direction could have killed him with a different prisoner in similar circumstances.

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Jeffrey Hill said...

After watching the tape, that marine has nothing to be ashamed of & I'm not sure it's embarrassing for us politically. The tape will be used against us, sure, but it will only convince those who are already convinced.

Not only was the marine being filmed...he was being filmed by a reporter who wants to undermine our efforts in Iraq. Kevin Site's philosophy seems to be that he's embedded with the marines, but he's not in bed with them. Check out his website: