Wednesday, January 05, 2005

What in the heck is the Aviator?

I had to think twice when pulling up Liverputty and seeing my post from a few days ago. Did I see that movie? If so, I had forgotten almost completely about it, which doesn't bode well for its resonance.

Last night I went to the Dollar Tree where they offer old TV shows on DVD. So I stocked up: Abbott & Costello, two Jack Benny discs, Sgt. Preston of the Yukon, Mr. & Mrs. North, The Toppers, etc. All stuff I probably would've complained about had I lived in the 50s. Take the Bickersons. A pretty worthless show. But bury it in the ground for a few hundred years and it becomes priceless. Men will kill for it....and I digress. Like party poker, I felt compelled to post something just to do it. It has taken considerable effort on my part not to post at length on the upcoming Gonzales nomination or the War on Terror. Scratch that. I think I prefer Austin Bay's Millenium War. By making daily political posts off limits, I now realize how little else there is that interests me on a daily basis.


RL said...

Ah, the old TV shows. In the mid-fifties, I was addicted to 'I Led Three Lives', about a man who was a double agent in the communist party of America but actually worked for the FBI. I was an impressionable child and I still feel the effects on my personality today. Radio Moscow on the short-wave radio was also an influence.

Jeffrey Hill said...

What kind of programming did Radio Moscow air?