Friday, September 23, 2005

Stay on target!

This was the feel good piece (for me, anyway) that I read yesterday. During a time when conservatives are getting antsy about spending money in the wake of Katrina - this piece is a refreshing glass of cold water thrown in the face, a few slaps and a "pull yourself together man!"

I also like the Redstate article Thomas Lifson linked to, which is a spirited defense of deficit spending. Borrowing and spending until the sun burns out may be overstating the case, but he provides plenty of food for thought. Personally, I never understood the argument that China has us at a disadvantage because they're loaning us money. It sounds like a win-win to me. They get a better return, we get to use the money. And if that money goes to fight the good fight, well, at least the Chinese are being supportive in some sense. Perhaps someday the national debt will become unmanageable - but Nick Danger doesn't think it will happen.

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