Sunday, July 15, 2007

James Bond gun barrel sequences, from various perspectives

First: a compilation of all the sequences together. I wish the quality was a little better, but it's fascinating nonetheless -

Second: How to make your own gun barrel sequence -

Third: A Pierce Brosnan gun barrel sequence to the Andy Griffith theme -

There's several variations on the last part, with different themes songs, but they start losing the charm around the fourth one.


odienator said...

Cool! Now I can make my own Double O-Odie opening gun barrel sequence!

But why stop there? I can make movies based on all Double O-Odie's adventures! Adventures such as

On Her Majesty's Secret Roll-On
From Ghetto With Love
Dr Nodie
Diamonds are for Odie
Casino Royale With Cheese
Thunder Bald
The World is Too Much
The Guy Who Loved Me

and my favorite:


Famous Odie Girls include "Pussy, Good Lord!" "Dixie C. Dix," "Hedda Swallow," "Renee Kidchick," "Shaniqua Bigolass," and "Holly Hooternanny."

Since Cubby Broccoli produced the 007 movies, Charlie Parsley should produce the Double-O-Odie movies.

Jeffrey said...

I want the film rights to Dr. Nodie, Odie. I promise to let Parsley produce.

odienator said...

You can have the rights to Dr Nodie if you get Shirley Bassey to sing the theme song. I just want to hear her sing "OHHHH-DEEEE-NAY-TAAAAAAAAA!"

Ross Ruediger said...

So here I was all set to write about the actual content of the post, and then I click on comments and find myself blindsided by the insanity that is Odie. (Jesus god - those titles, names, etc. make Bond's future with Daniel Craig look fucking bleak by comparison.)

What I would like to have said, is how the gun barrel montage is indeed fascinating because we never get to see them all back to back like that. Every single one is just a little bit different, be it via the music, the visuals, or the pacing (the latter is of course dictated by the previous two). It's easy to think of the gun barrel sequence as throwaway and/or an oft-repeated gimmick, but this collection proves that some thought goes into it with each new movie.

Well, that's what I would like to have said...if Odie's madness hadn't thrown me for several loops. Not sure which is the best, but I'm leaning toward THE WORLD IS TOO MUCH, which should by all means feature Shaniqua Bigolass. Tarantino will have a heart attack if someone makes it before he does. (CASINO ROYALE W/ CHEESE would be waaay too obvious.)

odienator said...

Ross, I'm sorry I threw you for a loop! Liverputty is a dangerous blog! All this James Bond stuff--I had to chime in at some point.

I'm impressed that you correctly matched Shaniqua Bigolass with the Double O Odie book she appears in, The World Is Too Much. I even wrote a small excerpt of that book, like the ones Jeffrey keeps posting. That was what originally was supposed to appear under this post before I decided to make that list. My favorite lines in the excerpt went:

"Odie was used to towering over women, so looking up at his statuesque enemy gave him more pause than the pistol she currently trained on his head.

"My name is Shaniqua Bigolass," she said.

A smile crept across Odie's face. "How foolish of me," he said. "I was looking in the wrong direction."

"Mr. Odie," she said, shaking her gun slightly, "the most important part of me is up here."

"That, Miss Bigolass, is a matter of opinion, not fact," said Odie.