Thursday, August 23, 2007

Uchuu Tetsujin Kyodain

Outer space iron robots/humans. Kyodain must be the family name. I confess remembering hardly anything about this show, except that the jet guy turned into a jet and the car guy turned into a car. Stuff that I didn't remember: they fought aliens that kidnapped their super scientist father and made him create something or other that they planned to use to destroy the earth. On the sly, the super scientist father made his two sons into kickers of asses with some really bizarre costumes.

Ryouji - aka Granzel:
Granzel as a car:
Jouji - aka Skyzel:
Skyzel as a jet:
Of course, as the Go Rangers made clear, no self-respecting hero goes around without a matching dirt bike (being five heroes on a budget, the Go Rangers managed with only three bikes and two stylish side cars...please forgive their frugality).I don't remember if the following badman was a villain on their show (they fought these types of things). All I know is I wouldn't take my chances leading him into the swamps:And this guy, whether he fought the uchuu tetsujin or not, has an outfit that is simply too good not to share:This Wikipedia article mentioned the heavy merchandising that went along with the show. I don't remember having any toys of theirs, except the two cards (or three, counting the possible Michelin man gone wrong) pictured above - but I imagine I wanted them at one time. It seems that all the shows, whether live-action or anime, had excellent metal toys to go with them. Maybe they were ahead of the U.S. in marketing toys based on shows. I'm not sure, but I'd venture to suggest that Japanese toys (not talking about the Shogun Warriors marketed in the U.S.) were the best toys made in the 70s - worldwide...action-figure wise. But that's another post.

The Wikipedia article also mentioned the show's trademark fast-pace editing during the fight sequences, which, being a pet peeve of mine, kinda makes me glad I couldn't find this DVD:It's sometimes best to keep such memories vague and romantic. And, in case you were wondering: Wagstaff was the car guy, I was the jet guy:

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