Saturday, September 22, 2007

Protesting Amadedjinahddhahahlhlh at Columbia

Now that the righteous fury over Columbia's seemingly permanently reinstated invitation to Iran's nut-case president has abated a bit, the focus has shifted to how to effectively protest the man's speech. The suggestions have ranged from polite to polite, as it is mostly the right who are incensed by the invite. (nice little internal rhyming, what?)

I however would suggest to the Gay-Lesbian Transgender Bisexual Alliance (or whatever they're called this week) that it is up to them, as the most prominent aspect of western "decadism" so oft condemned by the terrorists and their politician handlers, to provide the principle response to this joker's appearance. Remember that this is a man who has had publicly hanged several teenage boys in the last few years for being caught in homosexual activities. There would be no more threatened social group in the West than gays and lesbians, if Sharia came to is the stated goal of Jihad. Or one of them.

I suggest a massive kiss-in the auditorium during Amadenijihad's talk. Don't shout, don't drown out, just kiss. Boys with Boys, Girls with Girls, Boys with Girls with Boys, etc... And wear as little as is legally possible. See if you can make the shabby little dictator lose his cool. If he wants decadism, let's give him decadism.

Affectionately yours,

Escutcheon Blot


Jeffrey Hill said...

Scutch, Liverputty International does not currently have the resources to provide security against a jihad for your sarcasm (don't you know that your intolerance of Islamic intolerance is what is causing all the trouble?) - especially since there is, at present, a costly investigation trying to find our advice columnist. That reminds me, whatever became of the investigator? Is an investigation of the investigation in order? I'll have to bring that up at the board meeting. Come to think of it, what's become of the rest of the editorial board?

As for the pith of your argument: if I'm going to kiss a guy, it would have to be for a good cause such as this.

EscutcheonBlot said...

Let's leave pith out of it...that's a whole different scene.

I am not worried. I bravely write what I think under my real name.

And I think my German-English is showing. I probably meant decadence, but somehow decadism sounded right at the time.

Jeffrey Hill said...

Decadism is a charming phrase. Why shouldn't it be a word?

To continue:

Columbia's committment to free speech is an unfunny joke. If they were truly committed, why don't they take the forum on the road - to Tehran, to Damascus, to Beijing, to Pyongyang, to Yangon - inviting dissidents everywhere and then, of course, providing protection for them. Oh wait, that would require balls. My bad.

NRO had an editorial which touched up Columbia president, Lee Bollinger, and his committment to free speech at Michigan Univerisity. It sorta reminded me of Kerry and tazer boy - where he condemned the tazing after saying squat as it was happening.

Jeffrey Hill said...

Actually, I regret making the "if they were truly committed" argument. That smacks of the lefty tactics I usually find disingenuous. Perhaps a same sex kiss-in is the best reaction.

odienator said...

I'm for anything that supports a tenet in the OdieFesto!

"Everyone should know what it's like to kiss someone of their own gender."

I hope this happens, and not only does this guy keel over, but all the anti-gay social conservatives catch fire and BURN BABY BURN! Whoo hoo! Nothing like a GOP bonfire to roast my weiner on.

Anonymous said...

It looks like Glenn Reynolds over at Instapundit liked the idea enough to take it and change it, but not enough to credit it.

I know he was informed, because I was the one who emailed him to inform him.


Jeffrey Hill said...

Rob: appreciate the heads up. However, Reynold's scheme seems different from the Escutcheon Blot idea. I'm not sure what you sent him - but going after Ahmadinejad's gay intolerance seems universal enough. Seems a stretch to insinuate the theft of an idea.