Sunday, January 06, 2008

The Obammassiah & Iraq

Don't get me wrong, I'm legally obligated to point out that I think the man is likable & has some dignity about him, but I think he's infinitely and dangerously naive. In the debate last night when he asserted that the Democrat victory in 2006 is what sparked the Sunni tribes in Anbar to turn against the terrorists, it reminded me (well, 'remind' is not an accurate word since I'd never forgotten) what worries me so much about the Democrats....virtually all of them. In contrast, I found this analysis of the war, which is the best macro take I've seen in a long long time. It elaborates on the flypaper theory and describes the box al Qaeda and its affiliates found themselves in concerning Iraq. It defies the "conventional wisdom" the MSM and the Left have been defining for the past several years, but then again, so does reason. Defending and praising Rumsfeld these days is a bit tough, even to conservatives - that's how successful the scat flinging and accusations have been in tarnishing him - but the above piece does so admirably.

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