Sunday, March 02, 2008

This ad is creeping me out!

Much more than She-Bubba’s phone-call at 3 a.m. commercial. For someone who thinks it’s a sad reflection on today’s political discourse when someone dares to stoop so low as to say his middle name, Barrack Hussein Obama (oops! I gone and dood it!) doesn’t shy away from a commercial that is essentially just his last name. As Mark Steyn aptly observed of Stevie Wonder’s lyrically challenged ditty:

It would be hard to believe you could come up with a Barack Obama campaign song thinner in content than a Barack Obama campaign speech, but Mr. Wonder has apparently accomplished it.

This isn't that very same song, but it fits in the same Obama hymnal.

In the spirit of separation of church and state, isn’t it a bad idea to vote the messiah of his own religion into the White House?

Several pundits on the Left have bemoaned the passing of civil discourse with the death of William F. Buckley (as Joe Gillis posthumously said: "Funny how gentle people are with you once you’re dead"), leaving them with only racist scat-flinging barbarians like Rush Limbaugh. I think that assessment is horse-hockey. But what threat there is to free speech and wholesome debate can be found in the holier-than-thou attitude on behalf of the Obama campaign that paints every criticism or slight as below the belt politics. If Obama’s got a problem with his middle name, he should take it up with his parents. Couple that with his supporters that are seemingly infatuated with his last name and it's enough for alarm. I like to think that voters will expect more than vapid arguments that cover up a far left post-nationalist worldview – but who knows. When I see the glossed over eyes of his believers that seem to say "Why vote for Obama? Because Obama!" I get nervous.

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