Monday, June 22, 2009

And the punks shall inherit the Earth

"I know a lot of you are saying 'What can I do? I'm just a little punk. I don't count.' Well, you're dead wrong! The little punks have always counted because in the long run the character of a country is the sum total of the character of its little punks.

But, we've all got to get in there and pitch. We can't win the old ballgame unless we have teamwork. And that's where every John Doe comes in. It's up to him to get together with his teammates. And your teammate, my friend, is the guy next door to you. Your neighbor -- he's a terribly important guy that guy next door. You're gonna need him and he's gonna need you, so look him up. If he's sick, call on him. If he's hungry, feed him. If he's out of a job, find him one."

- John Doe, "Meet John Doe"

And in case you need more of a kick in the's the First Lady. I don't want to be the one to tell her I'm too busy to help my neighbor.


Jeffrey Hill said...

Can this be part of a random Capra movie quote series, or is it specific to the initiative?

Dude said...

It's actually some other Depression-era movie quote. I just half-heartedly tried to appropriate it.

Jeffrey Hill said...

Your half-hearted appropriation is appreciated heartily. And your research was more accurate than you thought, since the movie is Meet John Doe.