Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Bush Critics (Temporarily) Silent After Iraqi Elections

It may take a little while for them to find the cloud through the silver lining, but I'm confident they will do it - Kerry and Kennedy have already done so - to the best of their ability.

Question: what is the role of the Carter Center? To me it seems that they don't have much to say about an election unless there's a socialist to back.

Soros is just about as mad as a hatter. He seems all for spreading democracy until some actual tries to spread it.

Mr. Soros said he agrees with Mr. Bush's goal to spread democracy around the
world, "and [I] have devoted the past 15 years and several billion dollars of my
fortune to attaining it," but accused the president of "Orwellian doublespeak."
I wonder if he is including the money he spent on the last election.

UPDATE: See Huffington huff. Without giving Bush his due, I predict that years and years from now Ariana will have very little understanding of the War on Terror - what it was about or how it was won.

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