Wednesday, February 16, 2005

TCS Set of Two

First, I'm still thrilled at the return of Lee Harris. In this article he distinguishes between "empire" and "hegemony." A distinction that celebrated linguist Noam Chomsky is apparently unaware of.

This second article concerns the shady science behind the Kyoto Treaty and reinforces a previous point I made about how the scientific community is too caught up in its moral crusade to pay attention to dissenting views (an argument I've been on the receiving end of regarding the war). From a quote in the story:

'The unmitigated exposure to prophecies of imminent ice ages, looming hell
fire, mass starvation, mega-droughts, global epidemics and mass extinction is an
experience I would not recommend to anyone with a thin-skinned disposition
(although the news media couldn't get enough of it). But such was the spectacle
of pending disaster that anyone who dared - or was allowed - to question whether the sky is really about to fall on us (and there were at least half a dozen of
moderate anti-alarmists present), was branded a 'usual suspect' ....'

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