Wednesday, July 13, 2005

The frilled lizard effect

I was a little uneasy last Monday (or was it Sunday?) when I learned that the Liberal Death star was preparing to fire its super laser at the White House. However, when I actually read the lead story I sighed in relief: it’s the frilled lizard effect all over again? The left has fanned its frills to make it look like there’s something serious here, but it’s really not so. As Mat posted the other day – the LA Times & other papers joined in the attack (at least Mat’s post linked to a column and not an “objective” news story)…and don’t forget the senators who have said that Rove should be fired: Biden, Clinton, Reid, Kerry and Schumer (I'm sure there are others).

That anyone is in jail for this whole silly affair is pretty darn ridiculous – but I would put the blame for Miller’s incarceration at the feet of those who cried for an investigation in the first place. And it’s a little ironic that the left uses a moment of candor from Dr. Mabuse, when he apparently alluded to Cooper that Mrs. Plame was the reason Joe Wilson was assigned to cover uranium in Niger, as a reason for the evil doctor to be fired. Aren’t these the same people that think the administration is too secretive? Yet, when the administration loosens it lips, even a little, these same folks try to use that candor against them. And counter to what the left believes – Rove has turned out to be the honest one, while Wilson is the proven liar. This “scandal” is so contrived that even Wonkette says there is nothing there (did I just link to Wonkette for something that wasn't potty humor?) – but it’s all the left has anymore. As I've said before, the real outrage is that Joe Wilson was sent by the CIA to Africa in the first place.

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