Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Leading a bureaucracy into the next millennium

This piece talks about the big reforms that Rumsfeld has been trying to implement at the Pentagon and the many obstacles in his way – whether it’s being at war or facing the institutions inside the military that will, by the very nature of being an institution, resist change. The reformation is certainly imperfect, but the country is extremely lucky to have someone of his vision and determination making necessary changes. It’s good to keep in mind the next time there are reports of grumbling among senior military officials about Rumsfeld doing this or that wrong that the bigger and better the reforms, the more angry and bitter people there will be. If there weren’t gripes being leaked from within the Pentagon, it would mean that Rumsfeld wasn’t doing his job. The same goes for Porter Goss. Often leadership means being an @$$hole.

That he’s done so much while we are also at war is pretty impressive.

“Rumsfeld may be remembered as one of the boldest bureaucratic reformers of his
generation. Whether he will also go down in history as one of the greatest
secretaries of defense remains to be seen.”
My guess is that he will be considered one of the greatest secretaries of war.

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