Sunday, January 22, 2006

Two different takes on handling Iran:

Steyn and Zakaria. Both think military action would be messy and would likely charge Iranian nationalism. Neither sees very many carrots or sticks in America’s diplomatic satchel and both feel we should be more creative and proactive since there’s no wholly good option to choose. Steyn sees meaningful cooperation with China and Russia as very unlikely. Zakaria sees the Iranian standoff as an opportunity to forge an alliance with these two countries – as well as western Europe. While Zakaria focuses on those countries for outside pressure, Steyn would appeal to local neighbors with Sunni sensibilities to give the mullahs an insurrection of their own. Curiously, Zakaria confidently assumes Iran is 3 or so years from the bomb and that their program lacks sophistication. Where’s his post Iraq skepticism of the intelligence community? Steyn thinks they're a year away from the bomb.


Anonymous said...

Do we wait for them to get the bomb

Jeffrey Hill said...