Friday, May 05, 2006

A few quick notes about the past week:

Stephen Colbert:
Despite what many rightwing pundits may think, Stephen Colbert’s speech at the press club dinner was rude, but still very funny. He reminded me of that Russian comic who lambasted Stalin right in his face with a real “truth to power” skit. What was his name? PM42342ZQ45 (Gulag North)? Something like that. Boy was he funny! A real stitch! Or how about Saddam’s fool who made fun of Qusay’s small feet? Har-har-hardee-har-har. I bet it was worth the flattened cranium just to see Saddam’s lost expression.

Fareed Zakaria’s article on the dwindling appeal of al Qaeda:
As much as I pick on Zakaria – I think he’s a smart and likable fellow. After 3 years of nitpicking on the decision to strike Iraq, his most recent assessment of al Qaeda’s appeal to the Muslim masses seems to validate Bush’s preemption doctrine, though Zakaria doesn’t say so (in fact, he doesn’t mention Bush at all). Worth reading.

Biden’s Iraq proposal:
Is reason enough that he shouldn’t get his paws on the Oval Office. I’d rather have Hillary in there, so long as she promises to remain insincere. I like her best when she’s insincere. Anyway, back to Biden – a divided Iraq may or may not be in the Iraqi future (I tend to think it won’t be) & regardless, things will be better than they were under Hussein. Still, this poorly conceived and ill-timed plan seeks to serve but one interest: Biden’s. If he doesn’t see the reasons to strive for a unified Iraq, then perhaps he should re(?)read the Federalist Papers.

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