Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Positive Iraqi news

Encouraging news in Iraq – tribal leaders agree to denounce terror and unite in fighting it. I would’ve cited the NYTimes coverage of this story but, you know, it doesn’t exist.

Meanwhile, discouraging news for Palestinians. The world just doesn’t want the U.S. to stand up to terror. All Hamas has to do to turn the money spigots back on is renounce terror, acknowledge Israel’s right to exist and uphold previous agreements. Are those unreasonable requests? If that’s so impossible, then maybe a Palestinian collapse is necessary. It sounds good to say that Palestinian teachers are going to be paid and all that – but what are they teaching? That America is a big meanie and withholding money because we don’t like democracy? That Jews are evil and self-whacking is honorable? You could toss in some arithmetic and it still won’t equal out to our favor – or theirs. But, I guess that’s one way we can get a bang for our buck.

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