Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Why Geezers Shouldn't Vote

This evening, I went to do my civic duty in voting in the Kansas City mayoral runoff. Not only were there 2 people running for the top spot, but a number of city council runoff battles, as well as some municipal judges to be named later. Granted, I wasn't informed about the council candidates as my wife, but she works for the city. I'm at least honest to vote only in the races in which I'm informed.

Ahead of me in line was a woman less than 91 years old. She had a walker, which was fine. Age takes it out of a person. When she was signing in, she couldn't see the line to sign on. The poll workers and her daughter were encouraging her. "Keep going...you're doing fine." Ok, so she had problems seeing, too. I get that not everyone has good or correctable vision.

The real kicker was this: As I was walking out, her daughter was reading the choices in each category. She said, "Who?" And her daughter said, "Oh, just pick one."


jeffrey said...

Poor lady. Pink Diddy probably told her to vote or die.

Ross Ruediger said...

So was this entry designed to confirm or conflict with Copeland? It did both. Or was it synchronicity in action? And is a Police reunion sure to be a letdown? (A comment which circles back around to the Dude's manifesto.)

From Copeland's Manifesto:

I'm against people telling others that it's their "civic duty" to vote. If they don't know what's going on, don't encourage them. Things get screwed up enough by the ones who vote who think they know what's going on to afford adding more ignorance to the equation.

Perhaps most importantly, who is this Dude, and will he let me pee on his rug?

Ross Ruediger said...

I may have answered my own question - I see that Dude and Copeland work together on that other blog of Copeland's that I never visit because it scares me.

Dude said...

Ross....feel free to pee on my rug anytime. One of my 3 boys has done so already. The carpet cleaner was a very handy investment.