Friday, March 30, 2007

A Menufesto

By Charlie Parsley

Do what you want whenever you want to. Do what feels good. I believe in the spirit of do. Do what you wanna do when you want to do it.. If it don’t turn you on then you just leave it alone.

That’s about all I’ve got. I feel unable to make any personal opinions about anything. Instead I find myself looking to outside resources. In my youth I made a sincere effort at reading the Bible but I randomly started reading this long list of things that are unclean and what sorts of foods to eat and how to prepare them properly and when a woman is unclean... I read all these particular rules and I considered that this was exactly NOT what I had an interest in. Rules mean nothing to me. They constantly change.

I enjoyed Shakespeare during college and I did learn many a thing from his works. I could continue with a long list here of various and sundry people whose works made an impression on me but I am looking for something to use in a manifesto. I could consult the I Ching or try ESP. Maybe there are extra-terrestrial answers out there. I don’t know for sure.

While we’re figuring it out let’s have a beer. Maybe two beers. Maybe a pizza, if it is dinnertime.

Hey, here’s something. Check this out. I have made an effort to remove time-pieces from my environment. Most of the time I don’t wear a watch or carry a cell phone. There are plenty of clocks everywhere. I also took the alarm clock out of my bedroom. I never want to have an alarm clock again. I sleep on a regular schedule and I usually get up early. It is nice to just pay attention to the sun and moon to estimate the time.

Here’s a thought about money: I would rather trade services and goods for other goods and services instead of exchanging money.

I am completely confused about why anybody has to pay rent or mortgage on a building that is already built and paid for. Maintenance is one thing but rent is bullshit. Imagine if people did not have to pay rent. Wouldn’t quality of life double?

That’s a nice thought to close with. That makes me want to dance. That’s another nice thought to close with. Dancing is good for you. Everybody dance now!


Ross Ruediger said...

Baz Luhrman needs to write a tune to go along with the Menufesto.

The Menufesto is not fair. It negates all the manifestos that came before it. We worked hard, dammit! I feel like such a fraud.

However, the next time I rent I want Parsley as my landlord.

jeffrey said...

I don't know, Ross, it doesn't sound like Parsley owns any property.

Dude said...

Hrmm....a Menufesto without declaring what the ultimate meal is? Ideal food? Ideal company? Come on, Charlie.....we Manifestophiles want more.