Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Farewell, Mr. Blair

Blair may be a "worm" according to my English history professor (pre-9/11, though I imagine that professor still feels the same way) in regards to his changing various institutions in England, namely the qualifications for the House of Lords - but, no matter how low his approval numbers get in the U.K. or how many times his courage and conviction is mistaken for being poodle-esque, he'll forever be welcome in my humble home - a pallet would be made and he'll get the best possible food in my cupboard, (should he ever need a place to stay) just for being such a loyal Anglosphere ally in the War on Terror. I always felt thankful when watching him in those lively parliament debates and listening to his eloquent and inspired defense for the war. God bless Tony Blair! Civilization owes him plenty.

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