Tuesday, June 19, 2007

God rambles

Or rather, Morgan Freeman rambles about playing God. And golf. And flying jet planes. And, well, the upside of being Morgan Freeman. Hey, who couldn't like Easy Reader?

(Another tangent....I've always hated golf. However, in the last few years, my resistance has started to fall. I may even try it before I'm 40.)

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Jeffrey said...

Gosh, Dude, I'm not sure that video should ever see the light of day! I used to think Freeman brought dignity to every project he was in...

Golf is one of those games you have to invest a lot of time in to get any pleasure out of it. Unless you have a golfcart full of beer. I've only flirted with it and I can't say I'm into it, but for awhile I was into it enough that I actually watched it on tv. It was never relaxing to me. My thoughts on the last nine would generally be focused on not having to lug the clubs around (I never sprang for a cart). I'll say this, though, from reading Freeman and others, it's a good sport for people to philosphize over.