Sunday, November 28, 2010

The Pillow Book #55 & #56

from Sei Shonagon
"#55 – Young people and babies should be plump. Provincial Governors and suchlike people who have some authority should also be on the portly side.

#56 – Little children waving quaint toy bows or sticks about in play are wonderfully cute. It makes me want to stop the carriage and scoop them up and gaze my fill. And what a delightful whiff of incense from their clothes lingers in the air as the carriage goes on its way again. "

The Pillow Book is a world masterpiece. Few things are as mysterious and alluring as the will and wit of the Japanese female, especially in the exotic age of the Heian Period. Sei Shonagon, as translated by Meredith McKinney, (thanks ladies!) will be serving as Liverputty's correspondence from 11th century Kyoto.

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