Thursday, March 03, 2005

Cognitive dissonance on display at Comedy Central

I had my “I told you so moment” last night while watching John Stewart interview Nancy Soderberg. She came on to promote her book, The Superpower Myth: The Use and Misuse of American Might. Her intention was to point out faults in Bush’s handling of foreign policy, but instead, she squirmed and looked uncomfortable as John imploded on camera. She did her best to poo-poo any credit to Bush, but it just wasn’t happening. At a couple of points during the interview she even begrudgingly admitted that things appear to be going in the right direction. The audience was pretty quiet, not knowing how to react while John wondered allowed if Bush was right all along – rubbing his eyes as if he didn’t know the world anymore. Soderberg’s book came across as bunk and Mr. Stewart finally found a way to be funny and behind the curve at the same time, though I’m not sure that was his intention.

Update: a letter to Jonah I found on the Corner reads:

From a reader:
The common complaint of Stewart and the anti-hygiene anti-war crowd seems to be that the freedom of Iraqis was an after the fact rationalization for the war. It got me thinking, so I did some heavy research and was quite surprised to learn that the military operation was not named “Operation Iraqi WMD”! Apparently it was called—get this!—Operation Iraqi Freedom.

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Mike's America said...

When trying to understand Soderberg's outrageous comment, we need to consider the source:

She was on the staff of Senator Kennedy before joining the Clinton Gore Administration. As number 3 on the staff of the National Security Council, she was at Clinton’s right hand during much of the malfeasance we witnessed during that time.

When she remarks about something going wrong in North Korea, she ought to know. Sec. Albright and Soderberg were among the cabal of America apologists that thought they could buy good will from Kim Jong Il… Didn’t work DID IT!

Now, Bush is cleaning up the mess these people made and all they can do is hope he does not succeed…

Very sad… Politics used to stop at the water’s edge… But power and personal bitterness seems to be more important to these folks than their own nation’s success in making the world a freer, more peaceful place.

If Kerry had been elected, she would no doubt be back in office. God forbid!