Monday, March 21, 2005

My 1 cent worth on Terri Schiavo

Since it was the focus of news saturation over the weekend, I figured I’d chime in, though my opinion is lukewarm at best. Obviously I’m not a legal or medical expert – and it appears that the husband has Florida law on his side – but I must side with Terri’s parents on this one (as well as Bush and Delay, etc.) I can’t figure out the husband’s motives on the issue. Something about it is fishy. I don’t think it is a money thing, & I’m not sure if it is necessary for her to die for him to remarry. From what I understand Terri has never had an MRI (she had a catscan in the early nineties). Why is that? She seems responsive enough (more than a vegetable, at least) based on the videos of her that I’ve seen and (assuming it is real) a recently released audio clip. The husband apparently has a new life, complete with fiance and kids, so why not hand over his rights to the parents? I admit that simply can not imagine keeping my future in-laws out of that decision. His attorney seems to be nothing more than a right-to-die advocate whose remarks about the Stalinist nature of Congress and Bush is absurd. This issue has been politicized by right and left – make no mistake.

Incidentally, my friend Jay over at Nonfamous has a penchant for painting Bush and Republicans as fascists. But what fascist errs on the side of life? If I recall, Hitler wanted to kill people like Schiavo for the benefit of the species.

Jay’s post also serves as a sort’ve living will, itself:
Let me say this very clearly to my friends and family. If anything like thisever
happens to me and somehow my wishes aren't followed, I don't want you just to
stop feeding me. And don't wait 13 years to do something, either! I want 80ccof
morphine, a bullet to the head, or whatever it takes--and wherever I end up,I'm
sure I'll see some of you there. OK? Thanks!
I’m sure that can be arranged, Jay.

Finally, Dude’s post with the MSNBC link makes a pretty good point regarding Congress passing a bill for one person. While I don’t have a good argument to the contrary (though I guess that’s the difference between a conservative and a libertarian) I applaud Congress for clever maneuvering to keep Terri alive. So far as I know, the issue has not gone to Congress to decide, but is still up to the courts.

UPDATE: In answer to my question, Schiavo hasn't had an MRI because of some implants that were added to her some time ago. However, she could have a PET scan, which would make a clearer image of the brain than a CAT scan.

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