Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Hizbollah has made its bed

UPDATE: Looks like Hizbollah put out some big numbers, though I imagine al Jazeera’s 1 million estimate is a tad high. But did you see all those sour pusses? No cute girls at that rally at all, as Astute Blogger notices. They must be feeling the pinch. Ralph Bennett at TCS:

But if you want to get some perspective on Hezbollah as a political party (or
"Lebanese faction" as the New York Times called it), think Nazi party in the
German Reichstag in the early 1930s.
Finally, an appropriate place for a Nazi analogy. While watching the news the other night I noticed that both Hizbollah militants and the Syrians are goose-steppers, a sure sign of evil.

It seems like there’s been lots of rallies and protests everywhere, whether its in Turkey or Togo or Nepal or Kuwait, its getting harder to sling a dead cat with out hitting a protest, unless, of course, your in Tinnamen Square, where protest are cleared away.

PS - Austin Bay predicted these past few weeks back in December:

"Mark it on your calendar: Next month, the Arab Middle East will

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