Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Cookie duster delay

Pushing back the vote on Bolton was disappointing. You can't blame the Dems for wanting the delay - sounds like standard committee procedure and all. But I'm hoping the Voinovich's party leans on him. As several bloggers have already said, he could've raised his doubts before the meeting. That he hadn't been to previous meetings and was apparently ignorant of the accusations (I guess he missed the weekend's news, too) was embarrassing. Makes you wonder if Biden cornered him in the hall or something during the recess. I caught part of the meeting on CSPAN and heard Biden raising his voice (about as pasionate as I've ever heard him sound) going after the serial abuse angle. Odd that as of Monday (I think) Biden didn't seem concerned with accussations of Bolton abusing subordinates but was more concerned about his judge-u-ment. Now, he's all about those alleged abuses. But, in an exchange with Lugar towards the end, Biden laid his cards down and pretty well said that he wanted more time to find some dirt on Bolton. I'm still confident that he'll have the votes to get through, but I'm feeling a little impatient on the matter.

Simon has a pretty good post on the matter here.

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