Sunday, April 10, 2005

Most Area Terrorism Funding Not Spent

I've had a couple of government jobs and each time the department I was working for was skilled in spending the money they were appropriated before the year was out, lest they get less the following year. This particularly story brings up the question that I know Dude has repeatedly asked as well as the rest of us: what's the purpose of Homeland Security? Their grant system of appropriating funds first and the letting local areas create programs to fund later is upsetting. It reminds me of a question a reporter asked Bush a couple of years ago about the $15 billion dollar 5 year aid package to fight AIDS in Africa. The program was about a year old then and the reporter asked him why only a tiny fraction of that money had been spent. Bush's response made perfect sense: that the methods and facilities to handle the money was not fully developed - in other words, the program could not absorb, say, $3billion the first year, etc. Funding for the program would build as the program was developed to more efficiently handle the money. Why DHS doesn't seem to be doing something similar is mind boggling.

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