Saturday, April 09, 2005

Thousands of Chinese are bent out of shape over Japan

BEIJING (Reuters) - Thousands of Chinese smashed windows and threw rocks at the Japanese embassy and ambassador's residence in Beijing on Saturday in a protest against Japan's wartime past and its bid for a U.N. Security Council seat.

Protesters pushed their way through a paramilitary police cordon to the
gates of the Japanese ambassador's residence, throwing stones and water bottles
and shouting "Japanese pig come out."

Some 500 paramilitary police holding plastic shields raced into the compound and barricaded the gates. Protesters threw stones and bricks at the residence, and shouted at police, "Chinese people shouldn't protect Japanese."
One group began throwing bottles and stones when they passed a Japanese restaurant, smashing windows with tiles they had ripped from its roof before police stopped them.

A second Japanese restaurant was targeted later in the evening, with bricks thrown through the window, terrifying kimono-clad waitresses.

"We are all Chinese in here and were just minding our own business," one told Reuters minutes after the attack. "This is terrifying." She said some of the protesters had helped them clean up and advised them not to wear such sensitive uniforms.

I wasn’t able to find any word of the violence in any Chinese papers, which seemed to carry the same Xinhua wire report found in the China Daily. However, a Hong Kong paper did make mention of the violence among other things. I’m guessing the Chinese protests of all the wrongdoing under Chairman Mao will be next week.

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