Sunday, May 22, 2005

Guard sees detainee's Koran out of the corner of eye, detainee screams bloody murder

Well not quite, but Isikoff's second look at the alleged abuses makes me think that if I were a Koran bent on keeping my pages intact, I'd fare better with the Christian guard. And apparently you can't touch a Koran without eliciting some Gollum-like cries from the detainee. Would it be against the Geneva Convention if the guards announced on the PA that each Koran resting in each surgical mask hammock was purchased by evil American dollars?

Speaking of Newsweek: Riding Sun has a interesting post about their covers overseas (via Instapundit). Two different markets, I guess. One of the things that surprised me was how many American celebrities, that would never do a advertisement in the states, were doing them in Japan. I wonder what Jodie Foster knows about Japanese temp agencies, yet, there she was, a life size cuttout, promoting one.

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