Wednesday, May 04, 2005

The new Star Wars movie

What used to be a much-anticipated event, the premiere, is now a half-hearted obligation. I doubt I will see Episode 3 on the first day, but I will make an attempt to see it during the first week. The trailer was enticing, but then, so are all the Star Wars trailers. With all the eye candy, I would almost say that Star Wars makes one of the best series of trailers around. Can’t say the same for the actual features. However, even in the last trailer, upon looking at Chewbacca, or was it another wookie?…anyway, I couldn’t help lamenting over one of the primary flaws in the series that has been particularly exasperated in the last 3 movies – that the galaxy far, far away is more inbred that an Arkansas town. Remember when Luke complained that Tatooine was away from all the action? Turns out he was mistaken. That sand speck was actually the most revisited location in the whole galaxy. Even his dad was stranded there and returned to avenge his momma, though, curiously, he never thought to search there when Luke was hidden away. (Incidentally, I can understand a desert planet and even an ice planet, but why is every world in Star Wars have to be of homogeneous topography?). I could list my litany of complaints about the previous 3 movies, but I’ll save that for a time when I’ve had a few beers and can’t contain the geek within. I’ll just sum up and say that I’m thinking Lucas would’ve been better served letting some of the talented writers who created the sub genre of books on Star Wars write the screenplays for this second wave of movies. Even with the promising tag line that the latest film is more adult oriented, I doubt the latest installment will change my mind.

UPDATE: Variety has very positive buzz here.

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