Tuesday, May 31, 2005

What the GOP has done to destroy America, according the the most popular liberal blog

I’m not sure why I leave Daily Kos on the sidebar of this site…lack of quality standards, I guess. But the following post is an indicator of his silliness (though this particular post is moderate by his standards). Notice how many times he lists “Destroy Social Security” on his list of what the GOP has done with its mandate. Question: what has anyone done to social security this session that has destroyed it? Answer, no action at all has been taken on it. However, I guess bringing up possible reformation of Social Security for debate is equal to destroying it so far as Kos is concerned.

To further nitpick on his misguided rage:

The GOP led House passed the expansion of government funded stem cell research. If Bush is going to veto that measure, then he still isn’t preventing stem cell research, just preventing the expansion of government funding for embryonic stem cell research. It seems that the slightest complexity to Bush’s policies confuses Kos, no end. No doubt he would have been hopelessly lost in the vortex of Kerry’s nuanced spin (assuming there was a center to Kerry's rhetoric).

The GOP tried to interfere in the Schiavo case, but the courts ignored them. No meddling actually took place and Schiavo was starved to death, so Kos should be satisfied.

“Violate Senate rules to destroy historical protections for minority rights” – hmm, maybe I don’t know what he’s referring to, but the GOP did nothing (so far) with the filibuster stand off.

"Change ethics rules so DeLay can be as corrupt as he wants." And what changes were made to the Ethics Committee? The GOP gave in there, too. Besides, the way Kos has talked about DeLay, wouldn't he believe that DeLay would want to be far more corrupt than the law would ever allow?

Finally, where is Kos comprehension of what separation of powers actually means? He doesn’t seem to have a clue - which, judging by his rhetoric.

If Kos believes that the DNC is headed for majority status in 2006, then so be it. I guess it will take multiple pricks to bust his reality bubble.

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