Monday, June 06, 2005

I am now an adult....

I saw the new Star Wars and it was better than I thought it would be. Some observations and complaints (if you don’t want any spoiler, don’t read this post):

  • the hardware was pretty cool & I liked the evolutionary aspect connecting Episode 3 to Episode 4 – good design work in all the movies
  • As with 1 & 2, the space battle scenes were too busy and it was difficult to see some stuff
  • Anakin’s acting did not detract from the movie, but ironically Ewan McGregor’s performance was flat – though there’s only so much an actor can do with flat dialogue
  • There was no reason to make one of the wookies Chewbacca
  • I thought Obi Wan told Luke that Darth Vader hunted down and killed the Jedi, which wasn’t true for the bulk of Jedi (not according to Plan 66)
  • Jedis do not respond well to treachery
  • The Jedi Council is not very likeable (Palpatine had some good lines of criticism about them)
  • Apparently the Dark Side gives Yoda indigestion
  • The final fight scene should have been on a volcano, not a volcano planet
  • I wish the Christopher Lee character played a bigger role in both movies
  • Both Yoda and Samuel Jackson improved their saber fighting skills, which was not impressive in Episode II
  • I guess it took 20 years to make the first Death Star and about 5 to make the second – an unnecessary shot in the end
  • So C3PO and R2’s memory was erased in Episode 3, what about Darth’s? since he didn’t have any memory of either robot or didn’t sense any disturbance in the Force when he was interrogating Leia or sending out search parties on Tatooine
  • Whereas Episode 4 & 5 allowed you to follow the story, Episodes 2 & 3 jumped around so much that the time perspective was awkward
  • Cool to see the production lines of the proto-star destroyers because it gave some perspective to the size of the ships
  • Frankenstein Darth yelling "Noooooo!" was hammy
  • When the movie takes us to the pure white corridors in a CR90 Blockade Runner, it's like going back home again

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