Saturday, June 04, 2005

Urine on the Koran? Don't blame the Pentagon, blame those window stickers...

Despite releasing their findings in time for the weekend dump, the Pentagon will doubtless suffer a little heartburn this week, not for anything it did wrong, per se, (unless you consider accounting for investigating allegations and releasing that information to be wrong) but because the word "urine" is sure to color the news.

From Austin Bay: Terrorist Win, 15 to 5 - When it comes to desecrating Korans, nobody beats a Muslim. They’re good at it. For anyone wanting to exonerate Newsweek's story, well don't bother because the Koran flushing turned out to be the work of a (incontinent? manipulative?) detainee. Hardly surprising since the Koran corresponds with the terrorists’ other toiletries. I’m glad to see that Austin's commenters recall when Palestinian terrorists in Bethlehem were held up in the Church of the Nativity and how they squeezed the Holy Bible like it was Charman and soiled its pages as they pooed in the pews and made a mess out the place.

Tim Blair has the best take on the matter. I'm thinking that if Louis Black was the edgy and envelop-pushing comic that he pretends to be, then the cover of Nothing Sacred would have such funny art.

Meanwhile, Matthew Yglesias doesn't go for "the other side is worse" argument. I'm not sure why not. When an American guard does something bad to the Koran, the military has investigations. Indeed, the amount of incidents at GITMO reveal and incredible pattern - that of respect and deference towards the Koran. Meanwhile, in the Muslim world, there seems to be an open season on Korans, whether they are confiscated and destroyed outside Mecca's Wahabi gates, incinerated in a targeted Mosque or defiled by killing the bodies of Muslims that carried them. If Matthew refuses to see the difference, who can change his mind? It's not a situation where we are bad, but not as bad as the other side, but rather that at least we are trying to do the right thing while the other side is indiscriminately and remorselessly killing people (and Korans) Of course, I'd be out of line if I expressed outrage at a urine spritzed Koran or even a kicked one. While I don't particularly have an urge to tamper with anyone's holy book, I'm still an advocate of burying every dead terrorist with a ham hock; it's the Ethan Edwards in me.

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