Thursday, December 30, 2004

blog news

when i am spending free time online i often am content to read through the n y times online. sometimes the photos make me feel like i am there, staying with my friend in manhattan.

i have just noted an article about 'anonymouslawyer.blogspot', which i then took the time to look over.

pretty cool that a blog will get such attention, and then an article in the n y times. i can't help but think that the authour will surely get a book offer.

then, as i went to the dashboard here, blogspot has even more 'blog in the news' features. pretty darn cool.

so i am glad to have a friend get me in on a blog, even in a small way. thanks jeffrey.

oh also - i was wanting to comment on your last post - 'good news' - i would ask: Do you have a source for this? and sure enough you did, i found the link as i was trying to figure out how to post a comment. i'll figure it all out as i go. as i got some comments from my previous post. blog dialogue. dialogue.blogspot. is that there?

i apperciate that you've written extensively on your 90 minute thesis, i will go back to that for reading and will surely have comments for it.

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