Tuesday, December 28, 2004


When I go online, I have a standard set of websites I look at as well as email.

Then, when I discover I have plenty more time to stay online, I feel frustrated that with the millions of websites available, I only look at a handful. One of the worst feelings is going back to a news page I had just viewed to see if there are any new postings. It's like looking in the fridge again.

Of course I utilize google to search for things, I realize my only limits are my own ideas.

And I do know of many many pages, just like thisone, that have a long list of newspages/blogs/etc to refer to. I often do go to some of these lists and look at a website I am not familiar with.

I suppose really I am looking for a way to feel productive when I am online.

so here I just wanted to post in liverputty, thath makes me fee productive for the time being. I would be curious to know how others deal with the problem of having too much time online.


Jeffrey Hill said...

I have a set of sites that I go to everyday, then some that I visit every few days, and then some that I check out on occasion. It seems like each site provides several links to other sites, so I'm rarely at a loss to find something. I simply follow the leads of others &, before I know it, its 3am.

Steve said...

I've got my "morning ritual" sites that I visit when I first get to work... a lot of these are "portal" sites and provide plenty of linkage to follow. Occasionally, I'll bookmark a site to read later, then totally forget about it and then rediscover it days-weeks-months later and have an interesting little surprise.

A friend of mine told me about agame he invented (or stole from someone else, who knows)... sort of a mad libs with google.

Take a Noun (say "monkey") and then add a totally random word to be its adjective (such as, oh... "cream cheese") enter these into Google as a search string... and see what you get.

Somtimes it can be and adventure into the sheer weirdness of the internet, sometimes it's an exercise in banality, and other times you get nothing. Depending on yer mood, it can be either entertaining as all get out, or leaves you at the end of it going "Well... I'm a few hours older..."