Wednesday, December 01, 2004

UN looks at making changes

from the NYTimes

"One alternative would add 6 new permanent members - the likely candidates are Brazil, Germany, India, Japan, Egypt and either Nigeria or South Africa - as well as 3 new two-year term members.

The other would create a new tier of 8 semipermanent members chosen for renewable four-year terms and one additional two-year term seat to the existing 10."

Bad idea. The problems with the security council will only be worsened by making it bigger. Why not just call the General Assembly the Security Council? I would propose taking France off the permanent seat status and replacing them with Japan. That way, there's a regional counter to China's seat. Or, if there's such a push to get Germany at the table, we should combine the French/German seats into one EU seat, especially if they move forward on the joint EU special forces.

I'd be curious to hear more about reforms to the Human Rights Commission.

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