Saturday, December 25, 2004

Merry Christmas!

Regarding the future of this blog: it’s pretty obvious that since the election there has been a general burnout regarding things political, which was the raison d’etre of this site. But, like an NGO or charity whose initial purpose is no longer dire, I feel compelled to keep Liverputty going for its own sake. As such, I will be posting other things as well, whether it’s a movie, book or album review, etc. I encourage the other contributors to post anything that strikes their fancy. Of course, political postings are still very welcome. I will keep defending the Bush junta and the war when compelled to, since that has been my programming for the past six months and beyond, though I will try to be less antagonistic about it. However, by expanding the field of topics, I hope the blog becomes more pleasant for everyone involved. The recent addition of party poker to the list of contributors will certainly work towards that end. I’m hoping to get Mr. Clay involved as well. In addition to that, if Dude or Steve or anyone else wishes to include a friend on the contributor list, please send me their email address and I will forward an invitation. In the meantime, I hope everyone has a good holiday and happy new year.

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Steve said...

And a Happy Winter Solstice ~ Feast Of Mithra ~ Sol Invictus ~ Saturnalia and whatever else you wanna add to the laundry list of co-opted holy days to this list.

I welcome the change in format, Jeff...

My lack of posting as of late can be summed up in , "If people want to read the "Dubya's Murrika Lerv it or Leave it" ranting - that's why whatever demiurge the Marriage-Amendment Xians worship created Little Green Footballs." Hence - I read that and laugh snidely at those people... but then I have to come here and get more of the same? Bleck.

Let's make this a community thing again... instead of everybody pissing off their towers of soapboxes down on each other - how about a teamblog of "Hey - Neat Stuff!" ala Boing Boing or Metafilter?

Occasional potshots and broadsides of a poltical nature would naturally still be welcome... but as a raison de outre for the blog?
Tired Tired Tired. So very tired... so very boring.

Allah Bless Jesusland!

And with that parting cheap shot... I now resolve to only post things of interest and rants of a non-politcal nature (except when the bile rises just too high) to this here joint.