Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Congrats to Wagstaff on a job well done!

His Bad News Bears appreciation has gotten some nice attention - most notably at Sergio Leone and the Infield Fly Rule where his post made up Mr. Cozzalio's entire weekly roundup from last week, and on The Sheila Variations who says it's not to be missed. And rumor has it that Bear team-mates have seen the post. Good show, Wagstaff!


Edward Copeland said...

Way to go Wagstaff! Don't forget he got a mention at The Sheila Variations as well.

Jeffrey said...

Wow! Thanks, Edward. We are witnessing Wagstaff's launch into celebrity status. Next will be his booze and female addictions. I just hope he remembers that he's still Wagstaff from the block.

Anonymous said...

Yeah! Congrats Wagstaff. I have to disagree with Cozzalio a little. I don't so much wish I had written that, as wish that I COULD have written that. Bravo.


Charlie Parsley said...

right on!

The Bad News Bears piece does a good job of discussing the original, as well as outlining the differences it has with the remake.

I think there is much more to be said regarding this, as we now have a regular stream of movies adapted from other movies or television.

I would be interested in viewing some of these remakes because they have different approaches.

I had heard, but cannot confirm that Johnny Depp's 'Chocoalte Factory' sticks closely to the original story. However Will Farrell & Nicole Kidman's 'Bewitched' is supposedly a movie-about-making-a-movie, and therefore the story is nothing at all like the sitcom.

Original films and their remakes.