Sunday, August 06, 2006

Winslow Homer: master of watercolors

The Red Canoe (1889)

A Brook Trout (1892)

Adirondack Lake (1889)

An October Day (1889)

The Adirondack Guide (1889)

A Good Shot (1892)

Fallen Deer (1892)


Rob said...

Thanks Jeffrey for showing my all-time favorite American artists. Although I have to admit those last two deer pictures are a bit rough.


Jeffrey Hill said...

A pleasure, Rob. Since posting has been recently light and redirected from politics, posting art seems like a good way to keep something fresh on the screen without having to devote a whole lot of time.

As for the deer pictures - maybe it's an morbid illness on my part, but I'm often fascinated by the life-cycle. I remember my grandfather's stories about hanging their dead livestock from the tree to bleed and cure and all that stuff. Pretty gruesome. Today, we don't often associate the beef patty with the bull. That disassociation between our daily sustenance and its source is not very healthy, in my opinion, and leads to some crazy ideas about our relationship with nature.