Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Official Liverputty Holiday

It's B D Day....Modern Times is here.


Edward Copeland said...

Pretty damn good, don't you think? I like it better than Love and Theft but I think I still prefer Time Out of Mind slightly.

Jeffrey said...

I'm still digesting. I'm loving it, as I was designed to do. But I am still digesting.

As Love & Theft and Time Out of Mind are concerned: if forced, I'd probably prefer Love & Theft. Time is inspired but pretty melancholy for intense listening, at least, compared to the more full bodied and uptempo Love & Theft. As Dylan said, a lesson that he learned from the earlier work was to mix fast songs with the slow songs. And it's not just the songs, I think Dylan's production is much warmer and deeper than Daniel Lanois' - the latter can be a little difficult to listen to at times, unless it's on good speakers. Love & Theft is so simple that it would sound good coming out of a little am radio.

That, of course, is not to say that I dislike Lanois. He's the only experimenting-artist-in-his-own-right producer that has managed to create a Dylan masterpiece, nevermind two.

Duffy said...

Okay. This a damn good album. My favorite Dylan to date. Makes me want to get in an old Cadillac with the windows rolled down and drive all night, doesn't matter where. Why is it that I want a cigarette?